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Mafiatic Productions put on another killer event at The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, Arizona last Friday night. I was lucky enough to pull up as Doc StraNJ was performing, whose lyrical prowess stopped me in my tracks. Normally, I would have headed straight to the bar to get my all-time favorite drink from the venue – the trashcan – but I was instead inspired to watch him rap.

Now, Mafiatic Productions regularly puts on a lot of great shows for the Arizona scene, but I do have to say that I saw more people there that night than I had ever seen before. Generally, the floor is a maze of merchandise tables that makes it hard for people to hang out inside. Most of these were absent this time and I was astounded by the number of people that had filled the space, both inside and outside. Some credit for the crowd does go out to Retro Legendz, who was shooting a music video there that evening for the song “Calling My Name,” which features Munks from Mafiatic Misfits. I also need to give a shout-out to the drummer who played along with the music in between sets. I never got his name, but the addition of live drums really ramped up the energy in the room.

By the time DoeNut climbed onto the stage, accompanied by a super sexy new addition to his team, there were so many people that I managed to find the best view by standing on the elevated platforms that held the tables at the back of the bar. I have only ever seen Doenut perform once before and I could tell he had come a long way from the nervous wreck I had first seen spit into a mic onstage. Launching cash and free merchandise into the crowd, he got everyone jumping as the Doenut girl, Bre, twerked onstage in fishnets, booty shorts, and a hot pink Doenut Uzi tee. I was jelly jelly because I’ve been jocking that pink Uzi shirt for a while. It’s super fresh!

Whatever energy Doenut’s performance had created stayed in the room as other artists stepped up to the plate. I was stoked to see underground legends The Society of Invisibles *official Page* perform again. Unfortunately, I had to make my exit after that, before I was able to see McNastee and the others that were lined up to perform. I know McNastee always kills it onstage, though, and I’m positive the others did, too.

Huge kudos goes out not only to Mafiatic Productions for putting on another amped up show, but to the Mafiatic Misfits themselves for putting it down onstage as well! They kicked off their performance by asking everyone in the crowd to join them onstage. In that moment, you could truly get a sense of the number of people they had drawn there that night. The stage was jam-packed with artists and fans alike and there were still people spilling into the crowd trying to cram themselves onstage.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a night out for Respect the Wicked Underground’s crew if a shirtless Spooky Z from The Loco Rundown wasn’t bouncing around shaking his titties at everyone he could find. If we show up to a venue and his shirt never comes off, please call an ambulance because it probably means something is wrong.

Also, don’t forget to check out our page for more upcoming events to support your local hip hop scene! ABK’s Killa Features Tour will be at Club Red on May 27th and Kdaver has two Arizona show dates coming up – one in Tucson on June 5th at CeeDee Jamaican Kitchen and one in Phoenix on June 8th at the Monarch Theatre. There are still performance slots open for the Killa Features Tour and we also have the hook-up on tickets, so please hit us up for more information.



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