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Business Listing Setup

1 year 6 months ago #6 by zonafied
Business Listing Setup was created by zonafied
Now that you have created at least a basic profile at this point, The rest is very simple. First, hover your mouse over the LISTINGS menu button and a drop down menu button will appear. SELECT the ADD LISTING button. A new page will appear and it is a business registration form that you must fill out. The reason for this is to verify your business. Once we verify your business, we will then active your ability to list your business. Do not create multiple listings for the same business for example, locations. This information you should add to your listing when creating it. Once your listing has passed the companies TERMS AND CONDITIONS, your listing will appear. NOTE: Make sure you fill in all the information in the form and in the your listing to ensure it gets listed. If you need further assistance, Just respond to this topic and a system administrator will assist you. You can also ask other members in this forum that may have learned a few tricks to make your listing stand out.

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