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Electronic Records Management Systems

Getting Your Business Streaming Smoothly And Electronically.

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Our Services Include

Web Design - Security Systems - Medical Records Systems - Content Management.
Human Resources - Employee Portals - Smart Card Access

From Paper To Computer Networks


There are options for companies such as GROUP HOMES, JUVENILE FACILITIESSENIOR CARE HOMES, RETAIL SHOPS, CHARITIES, and many others to benefit 
from going virtually paperless by not only going paperless and saving money,
but adding security and keeping errors to a minimum. Save even More Money 
by hosting your own network server and never pay for your records management


Secure Access, Online Security, And Hippa Compliant

We secure all access points to your network with the latest security features and
insure your network is locked and secure at all times. We will walk you through
the process as we install your security certificates and and lock your system down
to limited access for office and or medical staff. Create a secure online access
point for websites and secure their E.M.R, / E.H.R. from public access.

First Class Support

From the time we start installing your system, we will also train the
staff step by step until the jobs done and our client is happy.

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E.R.M. Systems Information

Systems for Group Homes - Long Term Care - Clinics
Office Systems - Retail Systems and More!

Electronic Medical Records System

For the best Electronic Medical Records System that is extreamly easy to use was our goal when we started creating a self

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Smart Card Security I.D. Systems

Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are working to improve the process used to identify users to their netwo

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Human Resource System

It is your professional, value for money solution for managing your employees schedules (roster), attendances, absences,

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Smart Card Security Access

Smart cards can be contact, contactless, or both. They can provide personal identification, authentication

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Website Development And Design

Although web design has a fairly recent history, it can be linked to other areas such as graphic design. However, web des

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Audio / Video Surveillance Systems

Whether or not we know it, we are under camera surveillance nearly any time we are in a public place. Generally, these ca

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Work Process


Project Definition

Creating the perfect system for the right applications with room to expand and upgrade.


Visual Design

Ease of navigation, custom menus and forms. Designing the perfect user experience.


Site Development

Website design, employee portals, network integration, remote station access and security.


Project Launch

Installation, administrative training, staff training. Start full use of your new records system!

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